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Dolphin Browser is one of the best alternatives for browsing the Internet from your iPhone, as it comes with some of the most exciting features you can find for browsers on iOS devices.

The first tool to highlight on Dolphin Browser is Sonar, which allows you to use your voice to search the Internet, bookmark websites, and manage your social networks.

Another interesting tool allows you to create your own rules for finger swipes for accessing different webpages. So, you can associate drawing a "U" on the screen to access Uptodown, or drawing a "G" to open Google. It's that simple.

In addition to all this, the app is compatible with more than 60 exclusive add-ons that allow you to add additional features to your browser and improve the experience even more.

Just like typical desktop browsers, Dolphin Browser comes with an interface that allows you to easily jump from tab to tab, allowing you to have many open simultaneously.

Dolphin Browser is an exciting browser with a gorgeous and easy-to-use display, optimum speed, and a list of extensions that even the pickiest users will love, as they can practically create their own browser.
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